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And thank you for visiting us! We invite you to explore Envelopories, a one-of-a-kind genre of blank-card social stationery that takes the art and practice of the handwritten note to the next level via our extensive collection of signature “Storyliner” envelope inserts and ensembles.

How do you use Envelopories?

Choose the person you want to send a handwritten note to. Take some time to think about what that person enjoys. What are their passions, pursuits, hobbies, or interests? Simply choose one of our non-fiction stories you think that person will enjoy reading along with your personalized handwritten note on the enclosed correspondence card. They will be touched that you thought of them in this very unique and meaningful way. Once you begin reading the stories, you will discover the depth and options that this particularly unique form of stationery-communication can bring to your life and the lives of those to whom you send Envelopories. 

 We’ve done the meticulous research and writing of more than 200 Storyliner inserts amid 20 different passion categories to choose from. Explore these captivating stories in our Collection (see category boxes below).

Envelopories makes your social stationery wardrobe particularly distinctive, meaningful, and engaging with a feast of captivating trivia and historical details to share with those you care about. Ranging from wine, travel, interior design, chocolate, coffee, and tea… to golf, culinary arts, baking, history, flowers, gems, special holidays and occasions, Season’s Greetings, and more, Envelopories is a treasure trove of fascinating stories to choose from.  And our diverse Collection of stories continues to expand, so please visit us often.

Envelopories dresses up any mailbox with its powerful punch of timeless touches. A lovely formal feel need not be reserved strictly for special events and grand occasions. Any day is a perfect day for a touch of panache in one’s mail! 

Use Envelopories for your handwritten thank you notes, holiday greeting cards, birthday wishes, gift enclosures, hostess gifts, and personalized greetings of all sorts. A handy tip is to make a list of all the people you know that you will be sending or giving a note or greeting card to throughout the year. Then think about their passions and browse our Collection to take note of the stories that best match their interests. Or simply select a story that you think would be fun to share. Having your selected Envelopories on hand for the year brings both anticipation and peace of mind. Simply enjoy writing your notes and mailing your Envelopories when the time comes.

Envelopories offers an unparalleled approach to the holiday greeting or special occasion card. Thank you again for spending your time with us. Please call us with any questions and special requests.

We very much look forward to serving you.

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  • Celebrate Arts, Culture & More...

    A powerful combination of a handwritten message and celebrating the recipient’s passion at the same time!

    What is your friend’s, family member’s, or colleague’s passion?

    Explore and select from nearly 200 non-fiction story inserts among 20 lifestyle categories. You’ll find a great match!

  • And Enjoy Historical Trivia Galore...


    The story-inserts (Storyliners) you choose are assembled into elegant Envelopories ensembles featuring two-tone creamy white finishes and a profusion of hand-crafted details including intricate blind embossed motifs.

  • With A Luxurious Touch & Feel...

    Exquisite 100% Cotton Paper

    Beautifully packaged, an Envelopories ensemble includes: one Storyliner of your choice tucked inside the inner envelope; one double-thick, correspondence card to insert in front of the Storyliner after you have written your note; one gold seal to close the inner envelope; one matching outer envelope; a full-size jotter card; and a copy of the full story to keep for your records. $12

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Reimagined stationery for those infatuated with tradition, in love with knowledge, and excited about sharing passions. Enjoy a new twist on classic stationery elegance with a fascinating story tucked inside.

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