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Stories to Share. Passions to Celebrate.

E N V E L O P O R I E S™ offers a unique reason to think differently about using personalized stationery to engage in thoughtful and meaningful handwritten social correspondence. For centuries stationery has relied on artwork and graphic designs for producing visually appealing notes and greeting cards. But Envelopories is much different. We take a different angle to the art of social correspondence by breaking the centuries-old design and message mold. We create and publish a one-of-a-kind brand of personalized stationery that is designed around our signature library of fascinating stories meticulously researched and written on passionate lifestyle topics. Each story comes to life on our signature envelope liner inserts, known as Storyliners™, to accompany your handwritten notecard in the elegant Envelopories ensemble. When the recipient discovers and pulls out the Envelopories “Storyliner” that you have selected especially for them, they will be delightfully surprised and captivated with this small gift of knowledge to accompany your thoughtfully crafted handwritten note or greeting card. Envelopories encourages you to think about what stories your circle of friends, family members, colleagues, and acquaintances would enjoy learning about and what passions you have that you would like to share with others also. Whatever the reason you have for writing a note or greeting card, the Envelopories experience is about sharing stories and celebrating passions with your realm of contacts within the context of traditional and elegant social stationery.


The Greeting Card Landscape Redefined

In addition to personalized stationery, E N V E L O P O R I E S™ is an entirely new approach to greeting cards. When looking to send a card to someone, enjoy asking the questions…What is the recipient’s passion or hobby? What do you think they would enjoy learning about? Do you have a common lifestyle interest you would like to share with them? If you have a friend who is a wine enthusiast and has a birthday coming up, you can select among many wine topics to celebrate their passion for wine. If you have a colleague who is a golf aficionado, you can select from an array of insightful stories about golf to celebrate their passion for the game. In lieu of selecting Season’s Greetings cards with graphic renditions of a Christmas Tree for example, with Envelopories you have the opportunity to select a fascinating historical story about The Christmas Tree Tradition among other intriguing seasonal stories for your greeting card list. The blank correspondence card in each Envelopories ensemble is there for writing a truly authentic message from your heart and you can be sure the recipient will be touched.


On Handwritten Notes

Handwritten thank you notes or thinking of you notes are the gold standard for showing appreciation. With Envelopories, there are more reasons to handwrite notes than ever before. Writing a thank you note by selecting a Storyliner that you think the recipient will appreciate heightens your thank you to “gift” status. You are giving a small gift of powerful, fascinating knowledge inside the envelope while expressing your appreciation at the same time.  Eliminate any unnecessary pressure to write the perfect note the first time your pen meets paper. Simply take some time to reflect and draft out your thoughts/note on a scratch piece of paper first (or the jotter card included in each of our ensembles) before writing your final note on the correspondence card.


On Handwriting

Isn’t it time for handwriting to become very fashionable and widely practiced again? We think so. In a modern world dominated by email and texting, the art of handwriting is more important than ever. Your personality and intentions shine through your handwriting and create a one-of-a-kind experience for the recipient. Handwriting is like DNA or a fingerprint. No two handwritings can ever be the same and that is what makes handwriting so unique, intriguing, personal, and beautiful. One should never downplay their own handwriting and use it as an excuse not to write. Honor your handwriting for what it is as you honor the color of your eyes.


On Paper

The look and feel of 100% cotton is a truly luxurious experience. You’ll always love the feel of cotton paper in your hands and the recipient of your Envelopories ensemble will appreciate it in equal measure. The flow of ink into the fibers of 100% cotton paper leaves script that is well defined, beautiful, and archival. And in our environmentally conscious world, 100% cotton paper is guilt-free. We are proud to use only the world’s finest 100% cotton paper.


On Pens

A pen should fit your personality. From the look and feel of a pen in your hand to the way in which it places ink into the fibers of the paper via the motions of your script, the pen must feel right to you. A pen that fits “like a glove” to the mechanics of your hand will imbue confidence, promote the articulate flow of thoughts to pen and paper, and produce the script that you want. Bottom line:  A pen need not be elaborate or expensive. The pen that encourages you to write and enjoy the handwriting experience is the pen that is right for you.


On Mail

It’s time to delightfully use more stamps again. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving thoughtful, personal mail? And with the additional room in mailboxes these days, it’s time to fill the void with a glorious profusion of handwritten thank you and thinking of you notes. Enjoy the pleasure of relying less on the fast-paced pressure of email and texting to show appreciation and interest in someone. It is entirely fine, and indeed preferable, to slow down and put pen to paper. Let the post office do their part in the process. Envelopories is a gift in an envelope that enhances the mailbox experience and will brighten the recipient’s day beyond measure. It’s well worth the wait and will be treasured for years to come.


On Accessories

Although bills and junk mail are often torn open, a piece of social correspondence should always be opened carefully with a letter opener. And what a delightful accessory to have! Letter openers not only serve a protective function in opening a piece of mailed stationery, they are often quite beautiful and can be a wonderful reflection of personal style. Not to mention, a letter opener simply adds a special element to the personalized stationery opening experience.


On Writing Desks or Tables

Designating a small, well-organized desk or table space specifically devoted to the thoughtful art of handwriting social correspondence is a special act of pampering yourself in today’s busy digital world. It is important to have a quiet, uncluttered, digital-free space that is absent of distractions and beneficial to helping you reflect, focus, and craft your messages.

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