Our Custom Invitations are…

Embracing, engaging, and like no other invitations in the world.


We invite you to think outside the invitation and take your
memorable occasion mailing to the next level with
a fascinating story tucked inside the envelope to distinctively
complement the theme of your event.


custom invitations


May the following ideas for turning Envelopories Storyliners
into a custom invitation experience spark a creative bonfire from within.



When pampering a mom-to-be with a gathering she will never forget, consider…


“Teddy Bear for Little One”
…that shares a story about how the Teddy Bear became known as “Teddy” with an interesting,
and nearly simultaneously, chain of events involving President Theodore Roosevelt in the
United States and a renowned stuffed toy manufacturer in Germany.



For hosting a party where wine is an educationally fun focus, we offer
25 different Storyliners about wine from which to choose. For starters, may we suggest…


“Wine Tasting Vernacular”
…which serves as a brief and nifty compilation of the most commonly used definitions relating to
wine characteristics and aspects of the wine tasting experience.



To congratulate the graduate with a party in their honor, consider…


“Graduation Inspiration”
…featuring a contemplative and motivating mélange of inspirational quotes by some of the
world’s most renowned and beloved thinkers, leaders, writers, philosophers, and inventors who
all espoused the power of positive thinking as the root of achievement.


To discuss a custom invitation for your special event or occasion,
please call us at (720)306-1296 for details and pricing.