Our Luxury Stationery emanates originality with…


…a passion for using exclusively the world’s finest 100% cotton paper.
…a penchant for intricate detailing such as hand embossing of ornate motifs.
…a partiality for sharing stories and celebrating passions…within the envelopes.

Luxury Invitations

Browse our collection of more than 200 Storyliners
among 20 lifestyle categories. For starters…



To send best wishes to someone you know will be traveling to Europe; to use in lieu of a postcard
for when you are traveling; or to simply celebrate someone’s love for a particular country, our stories captivate
with a wide array of fascinating tidbits found within each story on the continent such as…


…What is the country’s most beloved musical work?


“Czech Republic”
…What is the captivating link between Prague and astronomy?


…What national characteristic is linked to the country’s preeminent industry?



To connect with those who have a passion for pampering the palate, share a story such as…


“Why Vanilla Takes Time”
…which reveals the surprisingly time consuming process in bringing pure vanilla to market.



For those in love with traditional interiors. Stories such as…


“Beguiled by Damask”
…captures a snippet of intriguing history about this beloved fabric that has adorned interiors the
world over since its inception.




“The Art of Chinoiserie”
…features an alluring story about the beginning of the Western World’s time-honored love affair
with using decorative elements and accessories from Asia to enhance the home.