Think differently about thank you stationery…


Unlike any stationery on earth, Envelopories is an
unparalleled and enriching experience for the sender and recipient alike.

What makes a thank you note using Envelopories particularly distinctive and appreciated?
Beyond the quality of our materials and craftsmanship of each ensemble,
the answer lies…in the story you share and
how it will be appreciated and remembered by the recipient.

thank you stationery

Envelopories offers you the opportunity to cherry-pick individual Storyliners
to accompany thank you notes that celebrate a topic or passion you think
the recipient of your note will enjoy.

While examples abound, the following scenarios serve as ticklers on how
to think differently about thank you note stationery using Envelopories and
find the Envelopories story you think will complement your note perfectly…



Kate was invited to lunch by a girlfriend, Jane, who is an avid gardener. Jane’s favorite flower is the tulip.
During lunch Jane mentioned that she is getting ready to plant her tulip bulbs. Knowing this…Kate read the Storyliner
about “Tulips” in the Flowers & Gardening section (Page 3) to learn the intriguing history behind the tulip and its connection to Turkey and Holland. Kate used the “Tulips” Storyliner to celebrate Jane’s passion for tulips while thanking her for such a wonderful lunch.



“Links Golf Courses”
John, one of Kate’s clients, is an avid golfer who makes it a point to play golf on courses in the United Kingdom when overseas on business. John gave Kate a referral to a prospective client. To thank John, Kate selected the
“Links Golf Courses” Storyliner from the Golf section (Page 3) which shares a story about the captivating evolution of links courses in Scotland.



“California Wine History”
Kate always writes a thank you note for gifts she receives. Kate and her best friend, Victoria, love wine. In particular, Victoria enjoys buying California wines. Knowing her friend’s penchant for California wine, Kate selected “California Wine History” from the Wine section (Page 3). When receiving Kate’s thank you message for a gift, Victoria pulled out the Storyliner and learned about how the wine industry in California began with the Franciscan monks among other fascinating trivia on the topic.


And a Choice to Make…



Each Envelopories ensemble comes standard with a double-thick, blind embossed correspondence card.
But should you prefer a fold-over note paper instead, we will be delighted to make the substitution. Simply call us at  (720)306-1296 so that we may customize your order with embossed fold-over note papers at no additional charge.