Our Wedding Stationery is…

Quintessential elegance and luxury that
make celebrations all the more rich
with the legacy of history tucked inside each envelope.


Wedding Stationery


For those looking for exceptionally unique ways to congratulate a new bride-to-be, honor the
married couple, or host a bridal shower, may we suggest the following ideas on how to use our
distinctive wedding stationery Storyliner options found in the “Celebrations & Holidays” section
of our website on Page 2.



To congratulate the new bride-to-be, consider sharing the story about…


“The Wedding Dress”
…that reveals fascinating historic details behind the origins of the iconic wedding dress and
how the tradition of white began as the color of choice with English royalty.




“The Rise of Diamonds”
…which shares intriguing morsels of information about diamonds beginning with the first
discovery in the rivers of India and tracing facets of the diamond’s captivating history across the



To congratulate the newly married couple, consider selecting the story…

“Wedding Bands Everlasting”
…that highlights the ancient origins of wedding bands, their symbolism, and decorative evolution
which includes a reference to the endearing history behind the custom for husbands wearing



For hosting a bridal shower “The Wedding Dress” storyliner makes a luxurious invitation with a
story about this beloved garment that your invitees will thoroughly enjoy. A blind embossed
fold-over paper with invitation insert is personalized for your event. To customize your bridal
shower invitation package, please call us at (720)306-1296 for details and pricing.